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India has always consumed more than it has produced. Connoisseurs of saffron in other lands have therefore not had easy access to the produce of Kashmir.

Now however, with production enhancements, we are able to offer you the queen of spices associated with romance and fulfilment, spiritual aspirations, rich and royal ceremony, and centuries of health and healing!

As you can see, there are many reasons to try Kashmir saffron. 

And as many reasons to make saffron a gift!

A few precious grams of saffron make an excellent and imaginative gift. Gift saffron all by itself, or if you want your gift to be more suggestive, give it with along with a green leaf tea, a liqueur, an exotic silver-plated platter or a gold-plated box...


When you buy Royal Saffron, you are assured of the source, the famous region of Kashmir where the world's best saffron is grown in the shadow of the Pir Panjar mountain range in Pampore area.

You are sure of the purity and quality. No dilution with stamens.

Royal Saffron!
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