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Royal Saffron is a pure deep red, 
with clearly identifiable stigmas

Royal Saffron stigmas or threads are gently sun dried before they get to you. 

To release the aroma, colour and flavour steep them in hot milk, or any acidic or alcoholic liquid for at least 20 minutes. This draws out the saffranal, the crocin and the crocetin, giving you saffron's exotically fragrant flavours in fullness. 

However, Royal Saffron continues to release its chemicals for as long as 24 hours. If you want to draw the very most from this precious spice, plan ahead!

Sensual saffron, the Indian way to fulfilment!

If you ask an Indian for special saffron recipes, you will be met with astonishment. Saffron is used as and when it can be afforded, to enrich a dish and make it truly royal! Indians have a penchant for aromatic foods, and nothing pampers a guest more than sensual saffron.

Saffron tea is regarded as a rejuvenating and refreshing brew. And you can make it any way you like it! A simple way of preparing it is to boil saffron with Kashmiri green tea till half the water evaporates and the tea draws in strength. The kahwa should be sweetened and served with freshly crushed almonds and powdered cardamom. Care should be taken to infuse the saffron well before you prepare the tea. This is specially recommended during cold weather to decongest the lungs, but the recipe can work in myriad other ways as well.

Saffron milk, similarly, can have whatever additives you like. The classic way again is with cardamom and almonds (this time soaked in hot water till the skin peels off, and then slivered) for even greater health! This is grandmother's recipe for toning up, best had at night as a restorative.

Thandai is the drink to cool off when the sun gives out blinding heat. In its simplest form it comprises almonds, fennel seeds, rose water, saffron, black peppercorns ground together and blended with sugar and chilled milk or water.

Sherbet is even cooler! And simpler - an infusion of saffron stirred into sugar syrup and chilled out with ice!

So saffron can be had in a jiffy, without fuss, for many seasons. But if you really want to make a big thing about saffron, you can take some cues from the kashmiris and the princely cuisine of avadh.

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